2-info is listed as a fallback site in case www.Yellings.com or www.m8y.com become unavailable.

At GMT 16:49:50, Mon, 31 January 2022, Yellings is down.
At GMT 16:54:06, Mon, 31 January 2022, Yellings was restored but we cannot update it.

If there is no update for 2 hours, please assume service is restored or we are unable to update here.

There are no current outages

If there are more we will list them. If there are any workarounds during a prolonged outage, we will notify here.
Happy surfing!

You can also see our activity and internet outage updates on https://t.me/www_Yellings_Com - Check that if there is a prolonged fail as sometimes it means our host company is having problems and we cannot update this page either.

(M8Y is permanently down)