2-info is listed as a fallback site in case www.Yellings.com or www.m8y.com become unavailable.

There were outages on 
  1. Jan 12 2021, 1hr, Yellings
  2. Jan 23 2021, 1 hr, Yellings
If there are more we will list them. If there are any workarounds during a prolonged outage, we will notify here.
Happy surfing!


If instead of clicking one of our links to land here, you memorize and type in www.2-info.com instead, you might see this:

..(in the address bar) and get a standard server "403" error.

This is because this site is not encrypted and because there is a slight glitch in our wonderful hosting company.

The answer is to remove the letter "s" from "https" and hit the enter key. (Ie: your first guess might be to retype the URL but that will not fix the issue).

PS: Our other sites are encrypted - this is important if you are on a work WiFi or similar and want your use of our sites to be private.

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