2-info is listed as a fallback site in case www.Yellings.com or www.m8y.com become unavailable.

Please visit M8Y.com/feed first..

If you suspect an outage on yellings (or here), we will at first give you live info on www.m8y.com - and if that too fails, then we would look to update here.

However, if www.m8y.com is functional, we will not update re outages here.


There were outages on 

  1. Mar 29 2021, 3hrs+, Yellings(site is up but we cannot update it)
  2. Jan 12 2021, 1hr, Yellings
  3. Jan 23 2021, 1 hr, Yellings
If there are more we will list them. If there are any workarounds during a prolonged outage, we will notify here.
Happy surfing!


If instead of clicking one of our links to land here, you memorize and type in www.2-info.com instead, you might see this:

..(in the address bar) and get a standard server "403" error.

This is because this site is not encrypted and because there is a slight glitch in our wonderful hosting company.

The answer is to remove the letter "s" from "https" and hit the enter key. (Ie: your first guess might be to retype the URL but that will not fix the issue).

PS: Our other sites are encrypted - this is important if you are on a work WiFi or similar and want your use of our sites to be private.

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